20. August 2017

Week Of Change

We are organizing the 4th Week of Change Berlin-Brandenburg with about 30 events with excursions and discussions on ideas for a life beyond capitalism, that already exist – right on our doorsteps – and how we can be part of a global transformation in our everyday local life. Housing projects, Community Supported Agriculture, Commons, Repair Cafés, Cryptoparties, Solidarity Economy, Care Recolution – we try to bring these and a lot more are the topics into a wider audience from 6th to 16th of September 2018.

Events in September 2018 for which we can provide or are about to organize interpretation:

Who is behind it?

We are a group of volunteers trying to organize the main structure of media work, networking, translations, website, finances and logistics. We work together with more than 70 projects and persons that already life the practice of a better way to cope with nature and human beings and provide ideas to us, how to win quality of living wothout living at the expense of others. Das kooperativ e.V. is organizing the Week of Change for the 3rd time, having its beginnings in the „Conference on Solidarity Economy and Transformation in Berlin“ in 2015. This year we cooperate with Projekthaus Potsdam, Fairbindung, Prinzessinnengärten and Baumhaus Wedding. Our media partners are taz, der Freitag, Contraste and imwandel.

The Week of Change was made possible by the „Brandenburgische Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung“. We still need financial support to cover costs for website, print, volunteers that need some support, travel costs and others. If you like to donate we ensure, to not use any money on commercial puposes. All donations are tax deductible.

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